You Are Being Lied To - A Billion Lives



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A billion people are projected to die this century from smoking and there's a solution. It's not a perfect one, but it will save lives by reducing the harm caused from cigarettes by switching smokers to vaping nicotine. Unfortunately, there are big players with vested interests in keeping this new technology away from the masses.

- Pharmaceutical Companies (Big Pharma)

- Anti-smoking advocacy groups

- Tobacco companies

- Even our own national & state governments

Join us for the journey across four continents to seek the truth and discover why something that can save so many lives is banned or discouraged in so many countries.

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Learn more about 165,000 kids that die each year from second hand smoke:

Learn more about the billion deaths predicted this century:

Despite all this death and suffering, money continues to play a big part in maintaining the status quo. Cigarette sales are profitable not only for Big Tobacco, but also for Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Charity.

Truth is coming. 2016

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