80V eLiquid 60mL - Honey Mellow
Combining sweet and crunchy honey nut cereal, ooey gooey marshmallows and crisp graham crackers then topped with a smidgen of ripe banana, Honey Mellow is perfect for anytime of the day, regardless if you're looking for a breakfast fix or...
$ 20.00
80V eLiquid 60mL - Morning Spoon
An elusive balance of dry fruit hoop cereal with a hint of soaked sweet milk without the overbearing lemon flavor.  We give you Morning Spoon.  Not overly sweetened, and not too lemony, without ignoring the dry cereal notes. Primary Flavor: Dry Fruit...
$ 20.00
80V eLiquid 60mL - Souly Cannoli
Souly Cannoli is a vanilla custard with very subtle bourbon, graham cracker and butterscotch notes mixed with robust rendition of classic tiramisu, smooth vanilla and a complex assortment of sweet creams all wrapped up tight in a rich and flaky pastry, and...
$ 20.00
80V eLiquid 60mL - Strawberry Banana Smoothie -
Strawberry Banana is the perfect balance of Strawberries, Bananas and a Silky Smooth Cream base.  Do not expect a banana heavy liquid.  This one is balanced to perfection between the two feature notes. Size: 60mL Available: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG California...
$ 20.00
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