Anarchist Cotton
6 Pads of Japanese Organic Cotton Features: Resealable Travel Sized Bag Pharmaceutical Grade Cotton Certified Organic Cotton No Bleach Fast Absorption Included: 1 x pack of Anarchist cotton
$ 6.00
COTN Lump Pack -
COTN Cotton Lump presents a continuous thread of organic cotton wicks to the rebuildable accessory segment, comes in a resealable bag with ready to use cotton strand. COTN Cotton Balls are perfect for rebuildable atomizers, rebuildable tank atomizers, or BF...
$ 7.00
COTN Threads
COTN Threads brings you premium pre built cotton that is pre measured and pre twisted, perfect for the beginner vapor or replacing cotton on the go. Cotn Threads are packaged in a resealable bag of 10 organic cotton wicks and...
$ 7.00
Cotton Bacon Prime -
The folks at Wick 'n' Vape have further refined their already exceptional, industry standard cotton wicking! Cotton Bacon Prime promises to wick 33% faster than traditional Cotton Bacon, boasting better wicking than any cotton on the market currently. We are...
$ 7.00
Native Wicks Cotton
Native Wicks is a new Premium untreated vaporizing cotton. Made from 100% premium Pima cotton grown in the USA. Native Wicks Pima goes through a rigorous process, being hand crafted and designed for vaping. Native Wicks cotton has little to...
$ 8.00
Sold Out
Native Wicks Platinum + Cotton
Native Wicks PLATINUM PLUS + BLEND - Native Wicks Platinum Plus + is the new and improved blend we all know and love. Each Platinum Plus+ pack is organically sourced and thoroughly tested to ensure the best vaping experience imaginable....
$ 8.00
Vapefly Firebolt Cotton
"The Best Cotton For Wicking" - RiP Trippers Vapefly presents the Firebolt Cotton, a natural cotton solution for easily wicking 3mm pre-built coils. The cotton is made entirely of 100% organic Japanese cotton and is free of harmful chemicals. The...
$ 7.00
Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition
Vapefly presents the Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition, a natural cotton solution for easily wicking all your pre-built coils. The cotton is made entirely of 100% organic Japanese cotton and is free of harmful chemicals. The convenient agleted section is manufactured...
$ 7.00
VPDAM Cotton
The VPdam Transverse cotton is 100% organic cotton for the vape enthusiast who will not settle for anything less then a excellent vape. It can be used as a wick in rebuildable atomizers, wicks incredibly fast and provides immediate flavor. ...
$ 6.00
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