Pinup Vapors Salts 30mL - Betty -
Our new salt line is created with 15mg or 25mg nicotine in 30ml bottles.  The formula's have been slightly altered to create a smooth inhale from smaller, low powered devices.  All salt nicotine e-liquid is 60%vg and 40%pg.  Primary Flavors:...
$ 20.50
Pinup Vapors Salts 30mL - Betty Chill -
Betty Chill from Pinup Vapors takes the best-selling mixed fruit blend, Betty, and adds a menthol twist. Betty, with a myriad of delicious fruit flavors, is perfectly paired with a cool blast of menthol for an extra refreshing, cool vape...
$ 20.50
Pinup Vapors Salts 30mL - Christie -
Christie from Pinup Vapors blends pineapples, coconut, and other tropical fruits for a flavor that will whisk your imagination away to a tropical beach vacation. You’ll taste the familiar fruit flavors from your favorite island paradise drinks, with the subtle...
$ 20.50
Pinup Vapors Salts 30mL - Marilyn -
Marilyn from Pinup Vapors blends creamy vanilla custard with hints of butterscotch and warm caramel drizzle. This sweet and sultry dessert flavor could be difficult to put down, and could easily be your next all day dessert vape. Primary Flavors:...
$ 20.50
Pinup Vapors Salts 30mL - Rita -
Rita from Pinup Vapors packs a great mixture of juicy exotic fruits and blends them with a candy-like sweetness. This all day vape is well balanced and flavorful, creating the perfect fit for any fruit or sweets lover. Primary Flavors:...
$ 20.50
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