Keychain Hitter -
A convenient little keychain hitter with removable dish.
$ 10.00
9.5" Duo Colored Side Car Water Pipe -
This 9.5" Duo Colored Side Car Water Pipe is expertly crafted with eye-catching, vibrant colors. The gooey liquid filled design adds a unique touch to this beautiful piece. Experience a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience with this high-quality water pipe.
$ 75.00
6" Donut Neck Bubbler -
This 6" Donut Neck Bubbler features a colorful design and is expertly crafted with heavy and durable materials for a smooth smoking experience. Its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go use.
$ 20.00
Sold Out
11" Glycerin Freeze Water Pipe
Introducing the 11" Glycerin Freeze Water Pipe. This blue liquid pipe boasts a mesmerizing lava lamp design, perfect for any smoker looking to add an awesome piece to their collection. Enjoy smooth, cool hits with this unique and stylish water...
$ 60.00
Hammer Bubbler -
Smoking in session! The Hammer Bubbler is the perfect smoking accessory for any session. With its new design, this heavy and beautiful piece is sure to elevate your smoking experience. Crafted with top-quality materials, the Hammer Bubbler guarantees a smooth...
$ 20.00
6" Whiskey Bottle Water Pipe -
Transform your smoking experience with our 6" Whiskey Bottle Water Pipe. Crafted with elegance and sophistication in mind, this stylish pipe is perfect for use while enjoying your favorite tequila or vodka. Its compact size and cute design make it...
$ 20.00
9" Pink and Black Water Pipe -
"Take a walk on the wild side with this quirky 9" Pink and Black Water Pipe! Perfect for adventurous smokers, this water pipe boasts a long stem for cooler hits. The pink and black design adds a playful touch to...
$ 16.00
3" Metal Tobacco Pipe -
This 3" metal pipe is perfect for personal use. Easy to clean and hard to break. These pipes come in many different colors. Included: 1 x Metal Tobacco Pipe
$ 2.00
Silicone Mushroom HP -
These hand pipes are bright and eye catching with brilliant colors. Made from silicone with a removable bowl for super easy cleaning. Included: 1 x Silicone Mushroom HP 1 x Removable bowl
$ 12.00
13" Frosted Neon Zong -
Stay on trend with the 13" Frosted Neon Zong. This stylishly-designed glass bong features a striking color palette and frosted finish for a unique look. Its craftsmanship ensures durability and a quality smoking experience. Included 1 x 13" Frosted Neon...
$ 28.00
Bowling Pin Hand Pipe
A great piece for any Bowler!
$ 12.00
10" Gold Outlined Water Pipe -
This 10" Gold Outlined Water Pipe features a classic design with an elegant golden trim outlining its simple and effective shape. Its down stem ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience every time. Included: 1 x 10" Water Pipe
$ 25.00
Esco Bars H2OG Bubz -
The H20G Bubz is constructed from High Quality BPA-Free Heat Resistant Silicone and Glass and features a large glass bowl with a secure top-cap that stays closed and dry. The glass chamber holds water to cool and smoothen your hit or can...
$ 20.00
White Rhino Metal Bat -
White Rhino Metal Bats, also known as one-hitters, are small and discreet dry herb pipes that are typically used with dugouts. Included: 1 x White Rhino Metal Bat
$ 4.00
10" Neon Zong -
Experience the vibrant, modern style of the 10" Neon Zong. Its mesmerizing water bowl and unique Zong shape lend it a luxurious yet playful aesthetic, bringing a touch of vibrancy to any interior. Perfect for adding a splash of color...
$ 28.00
10" Zong Water Pipe -
Zong! Trade the B for a Z and that's what you get, especially when you add a little crazy to the shape.
$ 30.00
Sold Out
14" Glow In The Dark Leaf Decal Beaker
Represent your love for this plant with a matching beaker bong! Glowing in the dark is one of the perks of this bong, aside from its attractive and pleasing visual design, and when you wake up in the middle of...
$ 50.00
Sold Out
Baby Alien Water Pipe
A must have for every collection! Super cute and made from silicone with removable bowl!  If you like this, check out our Bounty Hunter water pipe... you'll love it also.  May the force be!!! Includes: 1 x Baby Alien...
$ 25.00
3" Glass Bat -
This 3" glass bat is perfect for traveling or stay at home. Easy to clean and it also has a deep bowl on it. Included: 1 x 3" Glas Bat
$ 3.00
3.5" Colored Glass Hand Pipe
Get your hands on these adorable hand pipes - they're simply a must-have! With vibrant colors and sturdy construction, you won't want to put them down.Please specify a color preference when ordering.  We have several colors and styles.  contact us...
$ 15.00
10 inch Rake Zong
10" Zong with Wrap and Rake Height: 10" 14mm Male Bowl 14mm Female Joint Zong Style Wrap and Rake Artwork Features: Height: 10"  14mm Male Bowl  14mm Female Joint  Zong Style  Wrap and Rake Artwork  Included: 1 x Rake Zong...
$ 40.00
Micro NC Nectar Collector Kit
Micro NC has made a nectar collector designed for oils and concentrates, this simple yet elegant water pipe features the innovative nectar collector design, a four-slit bubbler chamber, a removable straw mouthpiece, a titanium tip and quartz interchangeable dab tip...
$ 20.00
Bad Ash Wooden Hand Pipe
This handmade wooden block pipe is perfect for smoking on-the-go. With a small removable screen bowl it is discreet, easy to clean, and hard to break. Includes: 1 x Wooden Hand Pipe 1 x Screen Bowl
$ 12.00
On Point Glass - Diamond 2 in1 Hand and Nectar Collector Kit
Get you a Pipe that can do Both! The Diamond 2 in 1 Kit from On Point Glass can be used as a Hand Pipe or as a Nectar Collector, whatever you're in the mood for! Includes: 1 x Silicone...
$ 20.00
Kayd Mayd - The Footlong 12" Glass Water Pipe -
Here we have a 3” improvement on the classic 9 incher. WOW that’s 30% more volume and look the tube is clear, so if you like to see the smoke here you go! Features: Built-in lighter holster, Clear PETG pull...
$ 45.00
Wooden D.O. -
Wooden Dugout Classic wooden dugout featuring local sports, activities and entertainment Features Wooden Dugout Box Easy close swivel Spring loaded Discret * Product picture may not be exact.  There are several variants of the same teams* Included: 1 x Aluminum Colored...
$ 15.00
Glass Taster
These tasters are handy and discreet. They are easy to travel with and easy to clean. The are made in many different colors and shapes, so it's super easy to find the right one for you. We have several styles...
$ 8.00
Roast & Toast Coffee Mug -
This fun and vibrant Roast & Toast Ceramic Mug Pipe isn't just for drinking beverages. With a built-in pipe, smokers can include their favorite tobacco blends or legal smoking herbs to kick off the day, unwind at night, or any...
$ 20.00
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