Special Blue Torch - Monster -
Special Blue has created a Monster and it is quite the beast. Concentrated jet flames in the palm of your hand. With an adjustable flame and extra large tank, this torch will keep you lit. Features: Automatic Ignition Adjustable Flame...
$ 28.00
Special Blue Butane
Special Blue Butane is an ultra-pure fuel that has been cold filtered five times. The filtration process ensures that all impurities have been removed. Included: 1 x Can of Butane
$ 8.00
Sold Out
Special Blue Torch - Inferno -
Special Blue's Inferno Butane Torch is a lightweight & sturdy 6.25" table-top style refillable torch. You can use this torch hands-free by simply standing it upright on a table. Great for dabbing and torching up blunts, cigars, joints, and cigs,...
$ 22.00
Clipper Lighter -
Collect some of these new Clipper Lighters with the all new designs. Clipper keeps it trippy, one mushroom at a time. Clipper Lighters are definitely not your average lighter. Clippers are famous for their reliability and quality. Each one is...
$ 3.00
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