Thank you for having interest in working with Smoke Smart. You have three ways to apply for a job.  We greatly appreciate your interest in joining the Smoke Smart team. You have the opportunity to apply for a job in three distinct ways.

Our establishment has been proudly situated in this location since 2014, catering to the community for numerous years beforehand. In addition to our highly competitive starting wages, we also offer comprehensive medical insurance and retirement savings plans.

You will gain comprehensive knowledge about the vaping industry and acquire additional skills such as inventory management, processing online orders, inventory transfers, and computer-related tasks.

We look forward to meeting you and thanks again for your interest in working with Smoke Smart.  Click on either of the links below. 


1.  ( Print ) is for a full printable version of our application, that you can print at home, fill out at do at your leisure.  Just make sure you bring it up to us when done. 

Click here for PDF (Print)


2.  ( Online ) is a Google document with the basic information we need to see.  Fill it out and we will know when you have submitted it.  

Click here for Google Doc (Online google doc)


3.  ( Short App ) is built in our website platform.  You have a few lines to fill out, then you can upload a copy of your resume and cover letter. We do not need a cover letter, but this will not let you submit unless you upload a resume. So make sure you have a good resume on hand. 

Click here for application (Short Application)


Thank you,

Smoke Smart




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