Sicboy Eliquid 60mL - Catatonic -
Catatonic is a delicious blueberry cheesecake topped with cinnamon crumble cobbler Primary Flavors: Cheesecake, Blueberries, Cinnamon Size:  60mL Available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg California Proposition 65 Warning This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer,...
$ 20.00
Sicboy Eliquid 60mL - Deviant -
You know how every cherry eliquid you’ve tried tastes like cough syrup? Not anymore! Sicboy knocked it out of the park with Deviant, a sweet, decadent, warm cherry strudel, covered in rich, melty vanilla ice cream. 100% cough syrup-free! Primary...
$ 20.00
Sicboy Eliquid 60mL - Entropy -
Didn't think Sicboy could get any... Sic-er? Then you haven't tried Entropy, the first flavor of the Sicboy Private Reserve line, also known as the finest blueberry e-liquid ever created. Why is it the best ever? It starts with a...
$ 20.00
Sicboy Eliquid 60mL - M.B.Y.C -
Like mouthful of rich, creamy, decadent praline ice cream, M.B.Y.C. blends praline with creamy, sweet ice cream, and just a touch of vanilla custard to round out the flavor and make it true to life.   Primary Flavors: Praline, Vanilla...
$ 20.00
Sicboy Eliquid 60mL - Sicker Than Most -
Sicker Than Most is​ a deliciously creamy, fruity blend of ripe strawberries, tangy tangerines, and plump blueberries, covered in sweet cream. Primary Flavors: Strawberries, Tangerines, Blueberries, Cream Size: 60mL Available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg California Proposition 65 Warning This product may...
$ 20.00
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