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M. Terk Pre-built Coils - Alien Clapton Coil V2
Pre-built coils by M. Terk High quality coils built using TMN80wire.  Optimal flavor and vapor production, that are built to last.  Specifications: 3-27g/36g  4 wrap build 3mm Resistance: Dual coil 0.08Ω - 0.1Ω  Single coil 0.16Ω - 0.18Ω Ideal for...
$ 30.00
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Coil Master Rebuild Kit For Voopoo Vinci -
Coil Master ReBuild Kit for Vinci is a rewicking tool used for Vinci & Vinci X, both from Voopoo, which you can rewick the coil quickly & easily. Save time and rebuild the coil with this Coil Master ReBuild Kit...
$ 5.00
Coil Master Rebuild Kit For Smok Rpm -
Coil Master ReBuild Kit for Smok RPM is made for mod pod vapers who want to rebuild the pod coil quickly & easily. Available: 0.4 OHM Mesh 0.6 OHM Triple Included: 10x  Ni80 Mesh Coils 40x  Cotton 1x  Tool Kit
$ 5.00
Coil Master Rebuild Kit For Uwell Caliburn
This Coil Master ReBuild Kit is designed for the Uwell Caliburn Kit and is made for pod vapers who want to rebuild their pods quickly and easily. Save time and rebuild the coil with this Coil Master ReBuild Kit in...
$ 5.00
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Breezetones Pre-Built Coils -
Breezetones Pre-built coils - Tri Core Alien 26g Using USA sourced Sandvik wire, these hand-built tri core aliens are well known for their fast ramp up and outstanding flavor production. Sandvik NI80 - 36g Sandvik NI80 - 26g 5 wrap...
$ 18.00
Coil Master Coiling Kit
Build your own coils from home with this simple to use coiling tool. We reccomend everyone know ohms law and have a good idea how mechanical mods work before trying to build any coil from home.  We can assist you...
$ 6.00
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Coilturd Pre-Built Coils -
Coilturd Prebuilt coils are hand crafted to produce dense vapor and full flavor. Alien Coils - 28TMN80/38TMN80 38ga Twistedmesses Nichrome80 over 3-28ga Twistedmesses Nichrome80 5 wraps - 3mm I.D. Single Coil = 0.28Ω - 0.32Ω Dual Coil = 0.09Ω -...
from $ 16.00
Feenz Pre-Built Coils -
Feenz Pre-built coils Made from Ni80 these coils are hand-crafted to produce dense vapor production and full flavor. Fused Clapton .16Ω - .18Ω These are ideal for mechanical mods or regulated mods with 75w or higher. Framed Staple .11Ω -...
from $ 10.00
Medusa Prebuilt Replacement Coil (2 Pack) -
Each package contains 2 pre-built Kanthal coils (1 PAIR) and MUJI organic cotton. Features: Alien Clapton: 0.25Ω Framed Staple: 0.3Ω Fused Clapton: 0.3Ω Parallel Tank Track: 0.2Ω Ribbon Twist: 0.15Ω Tank Track: 0.45Ω
$ 7.00
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