Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - .270 -
Take a trip to the bakery with .270 by Gorilla Warfare! This mouthwatering Flakey Pastry is crisp right out of the oven and glazed with a delicious Vanilla Icing topped off with a sweet layer of Powdered Sugar. Enjoy a bullet...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - .270 Hollow Point -
Fresh and warm, this Flakey Pastry is calling your name, .270 Hollow Point by Gorilla Warfare is fresh out of the oven, Buttered to perfection, and Glazed with a Sweet Blueberry Frosting! Primary Flavors: Blueberries, Butter, Cream, Pastry Size: 120mL...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - .270 Reloaded -
A Fresh Hot and Buttery Flakey Pastry, Gorilla Warfare .270 Reloaded delivers a delicious breakfast classic, featuring freshly toasted strudel drizzled with a buttery sweet strawberry icing! Enjoy the smooth and flaky puff pastry as it gets smothered with wild strawberry icing...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - .45 -
The perfect mix of Sweet and Sour, .45 by Gorilla Warfare features a sweet and refreshing blend of magical blue raspberries infused with rich peach sweet tea! Take a chance on a flavor unique yet flavorful, featuring candied blue raspberries and juicy...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - .50 BMG -
.50 BMG by Gorilla Warfare is an explosion of tropical bliss! Thick juicy chunks of freshly cut pineapple and exotic slices of delicate dragonfruit! Lose yourself in a burst of fresh and juicy fruits that attack your taste buds with spears...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - .50 BMG Reloaded -
This eliquid is a pleasant blend of tropical flavors that will impress you with every hit. Brought to you by Gorilla Warfare, .50 BMG Reloaded has the taste of the ripe pineapples, dragon fruit, and strawberry flavors that fill the...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - 5.56 -
5.56 by Gorilla Warfare delivers an intriguing mixup of unusual blends: sweet agave cactus flavor presents a rich and flavorful blend that is commonly found in tequila! Enjoy the fruits of your labor and get tipsy in the sweet clouds of...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - 5.56 Reloaded -
If you enjoy fruity candy blends then, there is a huge chance that you will appreciate the taste of Gorilla Warfare 5.56 Reloaded. This e-juice offers a blend of delicious fruity Kiwi and Cactus and the sweetness of Gummy Worm...
$ 24.00
Gorilla Warfare Eliquid 120mL - 5.56 Reloaded On Ice -
Gorilla Warfare 5.56 Reloaded on Ice is a gummy worm vape unlike any other you have cultivated. The fruity delight will satisfy your sweet tooth while captivating the overwhelming tropical flavors. With each inhale of this juice, you will experience...
$ 24.00
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