SSVL E-liquid 50mL - Beetlejuice -
Bursting with flavor, we bring you Beetlejuice.  A delicious mixture of tropical fruit flavors with a mixture of sweet and tart.  Strawberry, Watermelon and Pineapple goodness all blended for the perfect vape on a summers day.  This is Smoke Smart...
$ 18.50
SSVL E-liquid 50mL - Double Ry4 -
Double RY4 is stronger and more caramel flavor than original RY4.  You get smooth tobacco blend with more rich, sweet and nutty caramel flavor.  This is Smoke Smart Vapor Lounge's version of the classic.   Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Caramel Size: 50mL  ...
$ 18.50
SSVL E-liquid 50mL - Frosty Green Apple -
Vaping Frosty Green Apple offers the sweetness of Green Apple that is perfectly complimented with Menthol Frost.  This is Smoke Smart Vapor Lounge's version of the classic.   Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Ice/Menthol Size: 50ml Available 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 18mg,...
$ 18.50
SSVL E-liquid 50mL - Jungle Juice -
There can only be one Jungle Juice by we tried to master this flavor to your liking.  We start with Fresh Pineapple, Guava, Strawberry and Mango, then add a touch of Citrus zest to the mix.  You'll feel like you...
$ 18.50
SSVL E-liquid 50mL - Pipe Tobacco -
There are a lot of different tobacco flavored e-liquids on the market, and we wanted to create on that wasn't just a run of the mill flaovr.  This is a perect balance of sweet and aromatic Tobacco with a touch...
$ 18.50
SSVL E-liquid 50mL - Supermint -
One of our all time best sellers has been Supermint.  We had to make sure this one was right.  Supermint provides an extreme menthol hit without masking the mint behind all the other flavors.  Supermint can be used by itself...
$ 18.50
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