Fly Fresh Funky Slim 510 Cart Pen -
Introducing the ultimate vape pen: Fly Fresh Funky Slim 510 Cart Pen, for all your toking needs. This slim and stylish pen will have you flying high while keeping things funky. Say goodbye to stale smoke and hello to fresh...
$ 20.00
Strio Cartbox Pro 510 Battery -
Introducing the Strio Cartbox Pro 510 Battery, a device that combines the versatility of a cartridge vaporizer with the convenience and design of a disposable vape. It's two worlds that have collided to create the perfect device. From its onboard...
$ 34.99
Fly Fresh 900mAh 510 Battery -
Introducing the ultimate vape pen: Fly Fresh 510 Cart Pen, for all your toking needs. This stylish pen will have you flying high while keeping things funky. Say goodbye to stale smoke and hello to fresh flavors. Get your cart...
$ 15.00
Mini Rolling Tray -
Get your roll on with our Mini Rolling Trays! Available in four designs - Pizza, Brass Knuckle, MedMen, and Cartoon - these trays add a unique and playful touch to your smoking experience. Perfect for on-the-go rolling, don't leave home...
$ 10.00
Cigarette Tobacco Pipe -
Upgrade your smoking experience with our Cigarette Tobacco Pipe. Designed for both long and short cigarettes, this pipe features a riveted design for added durability. Made of high-quality ceramic, it's the perfect addition to your smoking accessories. Light up in...
from $ 2.00
Baby Zeppelin Pipe -
Get ready to rock with the Baby Zeppelin Pipe - the ultimate smoking experience. With its sleek design and vibrant color options (black, blue, green, red, and turquoise), this pipe is sure to turn heads. Rock on!
$ 5.00
Jumbo Butt Bucket Ashtray -
Tired of messy cigarette butts? Get the Jumbo Butt Bucket Ashtray in black, blue, green, or red! With its large size, it's perfect for any group sesh. (Trust us, it's lit.) Keep it clean and stylish!
$ 5.00
Small Metal Hand Pipe -
Lightweight and sturdy, this Small Metal Hand Pipe comes in a variety of vibrant colors (black, blue, green, orange, and red). Take your smoking experience to new levels with this compact and stylish pipe, perfect for on-the-go use. Time to...
$ 10.00
GD Dugout -
Introducing the Green Dreamz Dugout, the ultimate accessory for all your green dreams! Made of durable resin material, this dugout comes in a variety of colors - blue, brown, green, and pink. Perfect for discreetly storing and smoking your herbs....
$ 20.00
GD 4-Piece Grinder -
Get your grind on with the Green Dreamz 4-Piece Grinder. Made of sturdy metal material, this grinder comes in a variety of eye-catching colors - black gold, green, purple, red, and silver. Perfect for all your grinding needs, it's a...
$ 15.00
Mini Skull Water Pipes -
Add some spook to your smoking experience with our Mini Skull Water Pipes. Crafted with durable plastic and a sturdy metal stem, these pipes come in black, green, and orange. The perfect blend of form and function for the edgy...
$ 8.00
Bad Ash Dugouts -
from $ 20.00
Bad Ash Dugouts -
Light up with Bad Ash Dugouts! Available in blue and pink, these large resin dugouts are the perfect addition to any smoker's collection. Or grab a regular size for on-the-go use. (No bad puns included!)
from $ 20.00
Extrax Natural Rolling Papers
Roll up with style using Extrax Natural Rolling Papers by Delta Extrax! These high-quality papers are perfect for a smooth and natural smoking experience. Enjoy the benefits of natural materials and the trusted Delta Extrax brand with every roll. Don't...
$ 2.00
Zig Zag Ultra Thin Cones - King Size
Experience the best of both worlds with Zig Zag Ultra Thin Cones in king size. These pre-rolled cones offer a perfect balance of convenience and quality, making them the perfect choice for your smoking needs. Say goodbye to the hassle...
$ 4.00
Zig Zag Unbleached Cones 3pk - King Size
Roll up in style with Zig Zag Unbleached Cones 3-pack, designed for convenience and taste. These king size pre-rolled cones are perfect for a clean, smooth smoke. Get ready to zig and zag with every puff!
$ 4.00
Zig Zag 78mm Rolling Machine
Roll up in style with the Zig Zag 78mm Rolling Machine. Made from high-quality wood, this rolling machine will provide you with perfectly rolled cigarettes every time. Easy to use, you'll soon be rolling like a pro. (No more struggles...
$ 5.00
RAW Classic Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones - King Size
Looking for the perfect smoking experience? Look no further than RAW Classic Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones! These king-size cones are made with smooth, natural hemp paper for a clean burn and pure taste. Simply fill with your favorite herbs and enjoy!...
$ 3.50
RAW Pre-Rolled Cone Tips
Looking for a smoother smoking experience? Look no further than RAW's Pre-Rolled Cone Tips! These tips are specifically designed for rolling paper cones, making the process quick and easy. Say goodbye to frustratingly uneven cones and hello to perfectly crafted...
$ 3.00
10" Color Trimmed Tire Perc -
This 10" Color Trimmed Tire Perc will add a pop of vibrant red to your smoking experience. With its unique design, it's sure to be a conversation starter. Get ready to roll (and smoke) in style!
$ 30.00
8" Donut Perc Water Pipe -
Introducing our 8" Donut Perc Water Pipe - a quirky and fun addition to your smoking collection. With its eye-catching green trim and unique donut shape, this pipe not only looks cool but also delivers smooth hits. Say goodbye to...
$ 25.00
10" Silicone Water Pipe -
Introducing our 10" Silicone Water Pipe - the perfect addition to your smoking collection. Made from durable silicone and adorned with vibrant rasta colors, this pipe is not only eye-catching but also perfect for on-the-go use. Say goodbye to broken...
$ 20.00
7" Pastel Tire Perc Water Pipe -
Rev up your smoking game with our 7" Pastel Tire Perc Water Pipe! This uniquely designed pipe features a colorful tire perc for smoother hits. Available in blue, green, and white, this pipe is sure to turn heads and deliver...
$ 18.00
Mini Water Pipe -
Enjoy smooth and flavorful hits on the go with our Mini Water Pipe! This compact and colorful pipe features a pink and teal design, making it both stylish and discreet. Perfect for any adventure, its small size offers portability while...
$ 10.00
6" Striped Bubbler -
Experience smooth, flavorful hits with our 6" Striped Bubbler. With a sleek design and vivid blue and orange stripes, this bubbler combines style and functionality. Enjoy the benefits of the water filtration system and elevate your smoking experience. Elevate your...
$ 15.00
18" Color Rimmed Water Pipe -
Elevate your smoking experience with our 18" Color Rimmed Water Pipe! Available with either a vibrant pink or sleek black rim, this water pipe not only looks stylish but also provides a smooth and flavorful hit. Upgrade to the best...
$ 150.00
Teacher's Pet Apple Hand Pipe
Unlock your inner creative genius with the Teacher's Pet Apple Hand Pipe. Crafted with high-quality materials, this hand pipe combines functionality with style. Its unique design is sure to spark conversations and elevate your smoking experience. Perfect for teachers or...
$ 25.00
Large Gavel Hand Pipe
Unleash the power of this large gavel hand pipe and experience the ultimate smoking experience. Crafted with precision and designed for maximum functionality, this hand pipe is perfect for any occasion. Take your smoking experience to the next level with...
$ 30.00
Double Bubbler
Introducing the Double Bubbler - the ultimate smoking device for those who want double the fun (and double the bubbles)! This one-of-a-kind pipe has two chambers for double filtration, resulting in smoother, cooler hits. It's perfect for those who want...
$ 25.00
Giant Baby Alien Water Pipe -
Expertly designed for the ultimate smoking experience, our Giant Baby Alien Water Pipe stands at 12 inches tall and boasts a large water bowl for maximum filtration. With a rugged texture, this water pipe is not only durable but also...
$ 60.00
Seedling Gummies 30mg -
Explore Seedling’s Natural Wellness CBD DayStage products tailored for every chapter of your day. Ideal for newcomers to Full Spectrum CBD gummies, these products provide an introduction to discovering your optimal dose and the blends that best nurture your body. ...
$ 8.99
Blazy Susan x Herb Saver Grinder
Get your hands wrapped around our newest Large 4-piece grinder: The Blazy Susan x Herb Saver Grinder! Herb Saver Grinders are made of medical-grade polypropylene – a durable, high-quality plastic that is a step up from the average aluminum grinder....
$ 14.99
Blazy Susan x Grateful Dead Pre-Rolled Cones
Blazy Susan has joined forces with iconic rock group – The Grateful Dead – to bring you their very first and only line of papers! Proudly vegan and non-GMO, our new Grateful Dead pre-rolled cones are made in France using...
$ 19.99
Blazy Susan X Grateful Dead 6 Pack Cones - 1 1/4
Blazy Susan has joined forces with iconic rock group – The Grateful Dead – to bring you their very first and only line of papers! Proudly vegan and non-GMO, our new Grateful Dead pre-rolled cones are made in France using...
$ 4.00
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Blazy Susan Pink Cones - 50 Count Jar -
Not only are they colorful, pink, of course, but they’re also Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly! Not to mention that they’re made in France using premium wood pulp and materials. These pink colored pre-rolled cones are slow burning and sourced with the...
from $ 20.00
Blazy Susan Secret Box Battery -
Blazy Susan’s Secret Box Battery | Take your tokes on the down low. These secret box vapes will fit up to 2g carts and have 5 different intensity settings available for your ultimate smoking pleasure. With haptic feedback and a...
$ 34.99
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Blazy Susan Unbleached Cones - 50 Count Jar -
50 Count Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones provide you the most bang for your buck when it comes to Blazy Cones. Next time your friends come over to sesh, send them home with a stack so they can smoke in style...
$ 20.00
Blazy Susan Filter Tips
Blazy Susan pink tips to match the pretty pink papers. Each book of tips contains 50 preforated tips. Included: 1 x Pack of 50 lazy Susan Pink Tips
$ 3.00
RAW Pre-Rolled Tips
These pre-rolled tips make your smoking experience more enjoyable and they are super easy to use. Included: 1 x package of RAW Pre-rolled tips
$ 3.00
Tre House Magic Mushroom Gummies -
Escape to a world of relaxation and euphoria with Tre House, the ultimate indulgence. Experience the magic of our premium magic mushrooms in 6 delicious flavors, crafted for a truly enchanting experience. Let your senses be transported to a world...
$ 29.99
Oliphant Infused Beverage -
Apple Cinnamon Crumble An apple cinnamon treat that is infused with 10mg THC and 5mg broad spectrum CBD. Our drink features 100% natural hemp-derived Delta 9 THC grown in Minnesota and Wisconsin and processed in Minnesota. Ingredients: Water, Apple Juice Concentrate,...
$ 9.99
Keychain Hitter -
A convenient little keychain hitter with removable dish.
$ 10.00
9.5" Duo Colored Side Car Water Pipe -
This 9.5" Duo Colored Side Car Water Pipe is expertly crafted with eye-catching, vibrant colors. The gooey liquid filled design adds a unique touch to this beautiful piece. Experience a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience with this high-quality water pipe.
$ 75.00
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6" Donut Neck Bubbler -
This 6" Donut Neck Bubbler features a colorful design and is expertly crafted with heavy and durable materials for a smooth smoking experience. Its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go use.
$ 20.00
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11" Glycerin Freeze Water Pipe
Introducing the 11" Glycerin Freeze Water Pipe. This blue liquid pipe boasts a mesmerizing lava lamp design, perfect for any smoker looking to add an awesome piece to their collection. Enjoy smooth, cool hits with this unique and stylish water...
$ 60.00
Hammer Bubbler -
Smoking in session! The Hammer Bubbler is the perfect smoking accessory for any session. With its new design, this heavy and beautiful piece is sure to elevate your smoking experience. Crafted with top-quality materials, the Hammer Bubbler guarantees a smooth...
$ 20.00
Pinnacle Hemp NXT Gen Gummies -
Three strains to choose from, Doze, Peace and RushNXT Gen Doze gummies are part of Pinnacle Hemps newest line of alternative cannabinoid gummies. A handcrafted blend of THCO, Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBN, means that winding down is an...
$ 30.00
Galaxy Treats Cosmic Krispies
Get ready to launch with our 100MG Delta 8 Fruit Cereal Cosmic Krispies. Give it a try and explore the galaxy of uplifting and motivating feeling that Delta 8 has to offer!Description and Ingredients:Delta 8 Content per Pack : 100mgIngredients:...
$ 11.99
Pinnacle Hemp CBD Tincture -
The most popular and highly acclaimed, full-spectrum, all natural tinctures are made with the finest USA sourced hemp extract. Formulated with quality ingredients by skillful hands, these tinctures are designed to be taken sublingually (by mouth, held under the tongue...
from $ 55.00
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Creating Better Days - Moisturizing CBD Lotion - 1000mg
Prefer a direct application of CBD to your skin? Moisturize and put your feet up. Designed to target specific areas, Creating Better Days' CBD lotions are now infused with ingredients that offer greater solace from aches. Ingredient Highlights: Organic CBD...
$ 44.95
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