Keep Your Uwell Crown IV Coils lasting longer


Uwell’s Crown series is nothing short of legendary, and both the sub-ohm tanks and coils in this collection are renowned for their efficiency, performance and overall quality.  The Uwell Crown Coils have earned a phenomenal reputation for delivering some of the purest flavor, the fluffiest clouds and the most longevity within the hardware world.

But, just because these coils are exceptional doesn’t mean that they’re made to last forever.  As you probably know, there are definitely ways in which you can make mistakes that lead to premature burnout.  And, who likes wasting money on coils? 

If you wanna make your Uwell Crown IV Replacement Coils last for a long time to come, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll be providing you with tips that will ensure that each coil delivers exquisite vapes for a long, long time.

Prime Your Coils the Right Way

The importance of priming your coils properly can’t be stated enough.  If you don’t take the time and effort to prime your coils the right way, they’ll inevitably die prematurely.  Besides, unprimed coils just don’t deliver the flavor and clouds that you want. 

In case you’re a bit rusty in the priming department, allow us to refresh your memory.  First, you want to take the coil in one hand and locate all the areas in which the cotton wick is exposed.  Then, carefully pour out a few drops onto each exposed area.

Then, install your coil into your tank and fill the tank with e-juice.  Place the tank down and allow it to sit for about ten minutes so that the e-liquid slowly makes its way to the center of the coil’s wick, ensuring that the whole thing is fully and evenly saturated.

 Now, you can attach your tank to your mod.  Take a few puffs without firing your device to force more e-liquid into the center of the wick.  Then, you can turn on your mod and start vaping, starting with a low wattage and working your way up in 10 watt increments for every five or so puffs.

Make Sure Wattage Level is Compatible with the Coil’s Resistance Level

The Uwell Crown IV Replacement Coils come in a wide range of resistance levels, and each resistance level is compatible with a specific range of wattages.  Make sure that your device is set at the right wattage level for your coil’s specific needs.  Otherwise, you can burn out or flood your coil. 

Never Let Your Tank Run Dry

Your coil’s wick requires constant e-liquid saturation to continue doing its job.  This means that if your tank is empty, your wick is going to dry up, which can result in dry hits when you go to fire your device.  Applying heat to a dry coil will burn it, which means that you’ll have to throw it in the garbage.  So, always make sure that your tank is properly filled with vape juice.

Use High-Quality E-Juice

Low-quality e-juice can indeed ruin your coil.  Cheap liquid ingredients are extremely high in sugar, and that sugar can create a layer of sticky gunk that envelops your coil, interfering with its ability to do its job.  That’s why we always suggest that you go with high-quality e-liquids.

Get the Most Out of Your Crown IV Coils

The Uwell Crown IV Replacement Coils are renowned for delivering exceptional vaping sessions.  However, failing to care for your coils properly will cause them to die out pretty quickly.  Use these tips to ensure that each coil lasts for a long time and continues to provide you with the flawless vapes that you crave.


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